Musician's Pro Production Division offers unparalleled services in SOUND, STAGE, LIGHTING, ROOF, and VIDEO.  We are the only production company in the area that offers all of these services under one roof.  Now there is no need to call 2-3 differrent companies to get your concert, festival, corporate event, or wedding done.

SOUND:  What sets Musician's Pro apart from the competition is our large investment in cutting edge stage-of-the art Line Array Technology.  Our new dB Technologies DVA T12 & T8 Line Array system and S30 subs and DM15 monitors, is rivaled only by the largest tour-grade companies in Nashville.  With our 44 box system, we can handle concert, festival, school, and corporate events from a few hundred, upto 8,000 or more.  See our 2018 ADS page for more info.


NEW EUROSTAGE MOBILE STAGES:  Musician's now has multiple mobile stages covering TN and KY.  [more pics]

EuroStage Mobile Stages ES-2620



STAGE:  Tired of "sound on the ground?"  Musician's Pro is the areas only company with professional, arena-rated staging with heights upto 5.5 feet tall.  Our stage is modular using 4'x8' professional stage decks and can be built at 1', 2', and 3' heights using fixed legs.  For large concerts & festivals, we use our new super structure leg system that adjusts from 3' to 5.5' tall.  We also offer stairs, guard rails, and skirting with all of our stages.

LIGHTING:  Musician's Pro offers several options for event lighting.  Our traditional 300 watt and 500 watt par cans, and the newer LED systems are perfect for small to mid-sized events.  For large concerts and corporate events we use single hung and double hung PRT drop truss and upto 96,000 watts of par cans.  We also have (16) MOVING HEADS, lasers, specials, and fog available to top it all off.

TRUSS & ROOF:  Musician's Pro has two stage roofs:  Our small 24' x 20' shade roof is perfect for small concert and festivals.  It's has a quick and easy setup and works perfect with our smaller stages.  Our large roof is 40' x 32' and is used for large events and festivals with crowd sizes over 2,000 and stage heights of 4' to 5.5'.


VIDEO:  Musician's Pro video systems are used for corporate and other events where large 8,000 lumen projectors and 16:9 screens are needed.  For outdoor events we also offer several sizes of LED walls.  We can also provide video cameras, PowerPoint, playback, and switching.

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